Conference rooms

Perfect for talks, conferences, training events, and presentations

On the second floor, two identical conference rooms, each with 108 m² are available to you.

They can be opened up to create one large room, which can be darkened.

Example of seating

Cinema seating

Conference room I+II: up to 220 seats

Classroom seating

Conference room I: 40 seats


Conference room III: 20 seats

Large table

Conference room II: 28 seats

Scope of services:

Thus, there is an area with between 108 and 216 m² available to you.

Equipped with state-of-the-art media technology: a projector, electric screen, ceiling-mounted loudspeakers, front loudspeakers, audio system
with headset and handheld mic, universal connections and a flipchart.

Seating arrangement of your choice.

Room information

Designation Area Room dimension (L/W/H)
Conference room I 108 m² 9 m / 12 m / 2,75 m
Conference room II 108 m² 9 m / 12 m / 2,75 m
Conference room I+II 216 m² 18 m / 12 m / 2,75 m
Conference room III 72 m² 12 m / 6 m / 2,75 m
Conference room IV 72 m² 12 m / 6 m / 2,75 m