An exchange among equals,

Where professionals can learn from other professionals. The Coreum Academy is the perfect learning environment for the construction, material handling and recycling industries. Featuring the latest machine technology and fully outfitted training rooms.

Looking for training as a machine driver, technician, mechanic, sales representative or manager? We've got the right course for you. Sign up today or contact us to learn more.

What sets the Coreum Academy apart


Trainers from practise

100 Machines & 300 Attachements 

11 Demo construction sites

Food & Drinks

Documents and certificate of qualification

Give Away

Overnight stay at a hotel*

* can be booked as an option

Our services

Driver training (German)

Want to learn to operate your machine better? And improve safety on your construction site?
Make yourself fit for the future. Sign up today for the user training course the best fits your needs.



Mechanic training

Drive technology, electrics, motors and hydraulics.
Our technician training is designed to hone your ability to diagnose issues and perform maintenance.
It's your expertise that keeps the work moving forward.




Sales training

Act, don't react. As a sales specialist, you're always on the ball.
With our sales training, you get targeted training to further hone your skill set.
Gain confidence for the future and create lasting improvements to your success.



Leadership training

Our leadership training seminars provide valuable knowledge for management professionals.
Learn how to communicate, delegate and resolve conflicts better, among other skills.
Your team's motivation is in your hands.



Customised training

Neue Technologien. Neue Maschinen. Neue Herausforderungen für dein Team?
In unseren individuellen Anwendertrainings gehen wir gezielt auf deine Anforderungen ein.
Und steigern die Motivation und Effizienz deines Teams.



Did you know that?

Our partner brands also organize training sessions on their products.

Ob es eine Schulung von Kinshofer über NOX Tiltrotatoren oder TC Schwenkwechsler ist,
ifm dir den Aufbau einer Verbindung von der Maschine bis in die Cloud in einem ihrer Trainings
oder du dir die Basics über Hydraulikkupplungen und alles drum herum von einem Trainer der IHA 
erklären lässt.




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Merle-Johanna Brück
Leiterin Coreum Akademie