vision: The Coreum brand connects people and leading companies in the construction, handling and recycling industries world wide.

mission: As an innovation and communication platform, we are passionate about networking and caring for an international field of partners and customers - 365 days a year. We offer a representativ forum in which people can directly experience construction, handling and recycling and learn from and with eachother to develop the future together.

values: Our values create a common identity for everyone who helps shape Coreum as a platform, they describe who we are, what we stand for and how we approach things.


We are curious about new exciting products, events and encounters. We are also enthusiastic about unconvencional ideas. You can feel it in our daily work: Our aims are to achieve, to exceed expectations and to relate to our guests emotionally with everything we do. We infect our partners and customers with our enthusiasm.


We are an open independent place where people and ideas come together (free of manufacturer, product or service). Everyone can make their contribution into shaping the industry. We say what we think, even when its uncomfortable. We are just as openly responsible for our mistakes an learn from them.


We act on an equal footing both within the team and towards our customers. We sand up for eachother and work together to obtain the best solutions and make the industry sustainable. 


We aim to be experts in our sections. All tasks are approached professionally and practically and we meet the individual needs of our customers and guests. We pass on our knowledge and experience.   


Whoever enters the Coreum feels comfortable and welcome. Evey guest is treated with respect and appreciation. We are well prepared, we take time for the individual and take care of our guests in all respects.